Toll free: 01800.501.0101

Toll free: 01800.501.0101

February 11, 2010.

This letter is to express our deepest gratitude to you and your team work for the outstanding improvement in our little girl’s health. We still remember that day when we arrived to the hospital, we were overwhelmed by concern, fear and little knowledge about the disease Astrid suffered and we say “suffered” because nowadays and thanks to the professionalism of all the specialists who have taken care of her, we could see Anorexia as a terrible disease that Astrid is gradually learning to deal with and leave outside her life.

We now see in our daughter a sensitive teenager, who expresses emotions, who appreciates life, who enjoys, with clear goals and dreams that would not be possible if the entire healing process had not been accompanied and guided by Md. Velez, Md. Graue, Md. Nora, Mr. Moguel, Vero and of course, yo.

We are aware there’s still a long way to go. We are confident that soon we will tell this in past tense, painful for all with no doubt, however, this has also been a life experience that showed us the strength and determination that a child so young can have.

Again, for all your team at the hospital, A thousand thanks! For your support, understanding, patience and above all, for your human touch that characterizes you.

Vero and Luis.

Special thanks

Dr. Graue, thanks for all the confidence and trust you inspire Astrid, for being her inspiration and for having supported us unconditionally after my mother’s decease.

Dr. Vélez, thanks for having attended each and every one of our phone calls no matter what day or time.

Dr. Nora, thanks for the kindness, patience and for listening us.
Mr. Moguel, thanks for making Astrid face and handle her fears about food and make her eat correctly.

Dr. Ibarzábal, thanks for considering our family’s specific characteristics and help us find a solution to such a dark future.

Vero, thanks for receiving us at the front desk always with a smile.