Toll free: 01800.501.0101

Toll free: 01800.501.0101

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Pediatrics Service:

Pediatric Hospitalization Area


Unit designed to offer a high-level Medical Care, Nursing Care and Psychological Support according to the specific condition of every child.

For this aim, we have more than 90 medical physicians with pediatric subspecialties, dealing each one with different types of pathologies, counting for the care of their worth patients with comfortable, functional and modern facilities as the Intensive Care Unit, Intermediate Care Unit, Observation Area or Short Stay, and Game Room. We understand that a hospital stay can sometimes be difficult and overwhelming.

We know it is important for your child to see friends and family members while in the hospital. That’s why the Pediatric hospitalization area offers many amenities to patients and their families that we hope will make your stay more comfortable, and will enable the families to focus on the health of their child. For example, our hospital restaurant offers a variety of healthful meals for every member of the family, we count with wireless high-speed internet access in every inpatient room and a space in every room for one person and one additional for a second person (for the intensive care unit families only) to sleep in the hospital. We also count in the same hospital with a Holiday-Inn Hotel.

So we offer these visits limiting them to a maximum of three at a time in your child’s room. We also limit the entrance in children under age of 12, to prevent suffering contagious infectious disease.