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Alimentary Behavior Disorders:

Not specific disorders

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They are alimentary behaviors disorders that do not meet criteria of a specific Alimentary disorder. For example:

  1. Women who have all the diagnostic criteria for anorexia nervosa but have regular menstrual periods.
  2. When all diagnostic criteria for anorexia nervosa is met, except that despite a significant weight loss, the weight of the individual is within the limits of normal body weight.
  3. When all diagnostic criteria for bulimia nervosa is met, except that the binge eating and inappropriate compensatory mechanisms occur less than twice per week or for less than three months.
  4. Regular use of inappropriate compensatory behaviors after eating small amounts of food by an individual with normal weight. For example, vomiting after having eaten two cookies.
  5. Chew and discard, but do not swallow large quantities of food.
  6. Binge eating disorder.

Diagnosis and treatment

The Alimentary Behavior Disorders are complex diseases that trap the patient little by little and the individual gradually becomes lost with great difficulty to recognize what he/she suffers, so treatment must be multi-and interdisciplinary with different specialists to address all impact areas, always supported by the family, which is essential for recovery.

This information is intended to inform and educate, and does not replace the assessment, advice, diagnosis or treatment by a health professional.

Can be found at the Integrated Diagnosis and Treatment Center (CIDyT) through the clinical service eating disorders in our medical facilities at Médica Sur Tlalpan.