Toll free: 01800.501.0101

Toll free: 01800.501.0101

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Check-up Service:

Results delivery

Expediente completo y explicación de resultados por parte de su médico

Ten workdays after the Check Up A, B, C or D, or after fifteen days for the Check Up Plus you will have a personal and confidential appointment with your physician. He/she will inform you and explain the results. This is when you will get all your questions/concerns answered about your health.

You will receive your complete file, along with the original laboratory and Imaging tests, as well as the notes from different specialists who checked you, so along with your physician, will resolve all problems detected and you will enjoy your life with peace of mind knowing that you are healthy or that you have the opportunity to receive timely treatment.

Our Check Up is updated every day, including the most advanced medical knowledge and proven technology, internationally accepted.