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Toll free: 01800.501.0101

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How is realized your Check Up?

Respuestas y detalles a sus preguntas

Registration. Upon arrival to our facilities, the receptionist will give you a registration form. You must fill out the form with your personal information: date of birth, fiscal data, etc.

Note that all information you provide will be shown exactly as you provided it to us.

*If prior to your check up exam, you bring any request from your physician for an additional study, request it to the receptionist. At no cost.

The Coordinator of the area will be constantly informing your progress and will guide you to subsequent studies. Refer to her for any need that may arise.

In addition, you will be accompanied all the time by a nurse, who will offer you an explanation of the study to be performed.

Studies that require fasting are: Blood Sampling, Stress Test, Upper Abdominal ultrasound, Computed Tomography (if you hired check up plus), Throat and Oral Cavity checks.

After performing any of these studies, the Patient Control Officer will tell you when you can have a snack offered in our Terrace.

If you need to take medications to control blood pressure or heart function and cannot stop taking them, let know the Patient Control Officer; she will discuss it with the physicians involved in the stress test and make sure the results are accurate.

Samples delivery and Sampling. At the time you go to the Studies Area, you will be requested your urine and stool samples. If for some reason you could not collect them, you will be able to do so during your study. You can change your street clothes for loose clothing and sneakers for ease of study and you will provide a blood sample.

Physician Internist.He/she is responsible for your study. He/she will review your answers on your questionnaire and will add appropriate notes. Please make sure along with him/her that these data are correct.

Later, the physician will perform a scan from head to toes. For women the test includes Pap smears, if necessary, and for men the test includes prostate exam, provided he/she does not perform rectal examination.

The intern will add the results from all studies and will issue a final diagnosis, which will be discussed with you on the day when they will be delivered.