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  • dedicatio to service and kindness to improve the patients? quality of life.

The non-profit activity of the Médica Sur Clinic Foundation, C.A. includes the following programs applied to people of limited resources:

  • Ophthalmology program: Cataract surgery, laser correction of myopia and astigmatism and correction of strabismus.
  • Reconstructive surgery program for lip and palate.
  • Medical clinic.

When the donor lets us know his/her wish that the donation is used specifically for a particular program, the Foundation commits to use it in that manner.

For every donation we issue a numbered receipt, deductible for income tax (ISR).

Unique account for deposit of donations: HSBC Bank, account  No. 04003216553 on behalf of Médica Sur Clinic Foundation, A.C.

Contact Us
Telephone Numbers: 5424 7272 or 5424 7200 Ext.7272

Location: Sillón de Mendoza 110, Col. Toriello Guerra C.P. 14050
Hours: 8.00 hrs. to 17.00 hrs.
fundacioncms@medicasur.org.mx   or   asistentefundacion@medicasur.org.mx